Tuesday, January 07, 2003

His recent articles include:

Flying Solo, in the Extreme
A War of Robots, All Chattering on the Western Front
A Stab at Celebrity Glamour
With Incessant Postings, a Pundit Stirs the Pot

Drones See, Smell Evil From Above
Gussied Up Patriots Debut in Iraq
When a Gun is More Than a Gun
Taking Aim at Military Technology
Lab Lawyer 'Last Man Standing'
Los Alamos Scientists Mad as Hell
Nuke Lab Can't Keep Snoops Out
NASA: Nukes to Power Spacecraft
Military Faces Bandwidth Crunch
Los Alamos: Nuke Storage Snafu
Nuke Lab Strips Top Cops' Badges 
Head of Embattled Lab Bows Out
Bush's Year of U.S. Surveillance
Hear That? The Fridge Is Chilling
Terrorists on the Net? Who Cares?
An Inside Look at China Filters
Atomic Lab Cops Do Job, Get Fired
Tech Brain Drain Pains Military
Los Alamos on Hot Seat Again
U.S. Lures Iraqi Weapons Experts
Army Brews Potions That Protect
War Dilemma: Iraq Weapon Disposal
Bird's-Eye View of What Irks Bush
Navy's Novel Approach to Spy Tech
U.S. Military Uses the Force
How Bad Can a 'Dirty Bomb' Be?
Bush Wants to Ban Spy Plane Tech
Why War Is Really Just a Game
Liar, Liar, Eyes on Fire?
A Room With an Apocalyptic View
After Bullets Fly: War of Words
'Disposa-Planes' Groomed for War

The Homeless Blogger

Jewish History Series Gets DVD Retelling
Firms Killing the Messenger

Mine the Gap
GI Joe as Superman
Taking It Up a Level
Predator or Prey?
Hi Tech vs Low-Tech Threats
Battling Bioterror
It's a Buoy!

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Noah Shachtman writes about technology, defense, and geek culture for The New York Times, New York Post, Salon, Tech Central Station, and others. He is a regular contributor to Wired News.
Technology is shaping how borders are protected, wars are fought, crooks are caught, and individual rights are defined.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2002